HP084: Olympics Cancelled

HP084: Olympics Cancelled

This episodes will be a quick one. I just wanted to put something out to let you all know I’m still around and have just been busy with the holidays.

So today I wanted to talk about a story that relates back to episode 49, the Olympics. This story is taken from Rick Beyer’s The Greatest Stories Never Told. A book published by the history channel.

That is all for the history this episode. It was just something to wet your appetaie for the history we will be getting into next year.

The survey on the website has had 97 listeners take it. Thank you all very much. I am really enjoying looking over your comments. If you have not taken the survey yet please do. We are half way to our goal of 200 responses. I will share the results of the survey with all of you when we have reached our goal.

Thank you all for shopping amazon through our links on the website. By taking just one extra step in your purchases this last quarter you have help pay the hosting fees of this podcast for four months!

Lastly lets talk about Frapper. It has changed significantly in the past few months. I can no longer see who signed up when. It is still fun to go put your pin in the virtual map, over at frapper, but I will not be able to give you a shout out on the show for signing up anymore. Instead please call the history hotline and I will play your shout out on the air. Or send an email letting me know that you would like it read on the air.

That’s all for this episode. Happy Holidays to you all. Thank you for a great 2006 and I look forward to speaking with you in 2007.

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