What Happened?


Over the last several months, I have had serious issues with malware on this website. Google blocked the site and my host, bluehost could not help me. I tried to fix things, but I made it mostly worse. So, I have restarted. I only ever wanted this content to be evergreen and always available for free. In an effort to make all episodes of historypodcast available online for free forever, I have moved the site to dreamhost and will begin the long process of republishing all 120 episodes of historypodcast.

To the podcast

Short answer: I had kids. Long answer: I got promoted at work a few times and now I have a lot less time to do personal projects. Also, podcasts have changed a lot since 2005! Now everyone expects NPR quality production on any podcast. Thats not me.

To episode 51 &79

I don’t know. Somewhere over the past 15 years I misplaced those particular episodes. If you have them email me at historypodcast[at]gmail.com and send it my way. Thanks!

To Peloponnesian War Part II

That particular episode was a guest host and while they did do the first part they never sent the second part, hence why there is no part II.