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HP001: The Only Atomic Bomb Ever Dropped on America
HP002: American Spy Plane Shot Down Over Russia
HP003: Filibuster Movement
HP004: Stonewall Jackson
HP005: Hernán Cortés
HP006: The Floating Whorehouse
HP007: Lawrence of Arabia
HP008: Prince Henry of Portugal vs. Zheng He
HP010: Mata Hari
HP011: John Hanson First President?
HP012: Dolchstosslegende-or-22dagger-thrust-legend22
HP013: Lady-Godiva
HP014: Henry-Knox
HP015: Peloponnesian War Part I
HP016: Godzilla
HP017: AH Reginald Buller
HP018: Opium War
HP019: Nuclear Disasters
HP020: Typhoid Mary
HP021: Fukuzawa Yukichi
HP022: Balkans Part I
HP023: Balkans Part II
HP024: Balkans Part III
HP025: Shanghai Ghetto
HP026: Halloween
HP027: Bloody Mary
HP028: Rasputin
HP29: Bobby Fischer
HP030: Battle of Lexington
HP031: H.P. Lovecraft
HP032: Francis Marion
HP033: Steve Biko
HP034: Thanksgiving
HP035: Factories
HP036: Ottoman Empire
HP037: Sealand
HP038: New Thought
HP039: Christmas
HP040: Wu Ningkun
HP041: Bonnie Clyde
HP042: Josiah Franklin
HP043: Wyatt Earp
HP044: Ben Franklin 300th Birthday
HP045: Sandra Day O’Connor
HP046: Food Banks
HP047: Americas Wickedest City
HP048: Greatest Stories Never Told
HP049: Olympics
HP050: Hockey
HP052: Saint Patricks Day
HP053: Tiananmen Square
HP054: Charles Parnell
HP055: Wall Street
HP056: Patton
HP057: Easter
HP058: Antoni Gaudi
HP059: Rwandan Holocaust
HP060: Children New Media
HP061: Francisco Franco
HP062: Cristero War
HP063: Rape of Nanjing
HP064: Jomo Kenyatta
HP065: Mongol Invasion
HP066: Kennesaw
HP067: John Brown
HP068: Hinckley Fire
HP069: William Wallace
HP070: Stand Watie
HP071: Battle of Blair Mountain
HP072: Grace O’Malley
HP073: 442RDT
HP074: Clara Barton
HP075: Hannah Duston
HP076: Rosa Luxemburg
HP077: Enigma
HP078: Kent State Shootings
HP080: Podcast and Portable Media Expo
HP081: The Great Fire of Rome
HP082: Louisiana History
HP083: Influence of Haitian Revolution on Louisiana Culture
HP084: Olympics Cancelled
HP085: Masada
HP086: Australia Day
HP087: Battle of New Orleans
HP088: John Paul Jones
HP089: Mongol Success Legacy
HP090: Crimean War
HP091: Hawaiian Volcanoes
HP092: Jamestown
HP093: Pope Joan
HP094: Vannevar Bush
HP095: Reformation
HP096: Spanish Armada
HP097: Philippine-American War
HP099: Podcast and New Media Expo 2007
HP100: Happy Birthday History Podcast
HP101: Byzantine Empire
HP102: Colonization of Africa
HP103: Elizabeth The Early Years
HP104: Harlem Renaissance
HP105: Elizabeth Part 2
HP106: Assassins
HP107: Galileo
HP108: Elizabeth Part 3
HP109: Smallpox in Hawaii
HP110: Langston Hughes
HP112: Battle of the Aleutian Islands
HP113: Roman Aqueducts
HP114: Superman
HP115: Diabetes
HP116: Pocahontas
HP117: The Melbourne Cup
HP118: The Six Wives of Henry VIII
HP119: Thirty Years War
HP120: Texas City Disaster