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About the Podcast:

History Podcast is a podcast devoted to learning about historical figures, events and places. It all started in June of 2005, when our first episode was published to a blogger blog. I started podcasting because I had started listening to them, particularly one great history podcast called History According to Bob.  His podcast was the reason I started podcasting on the same subject.  I enjoyed listening to Bob’s podcasts, but I wanted to do more.  I wanted to take the subject that he went over and learn more.  Bob did not create show notes and post them on a website.  I thought that this was missing.  I wanted to create a podcast that would go over a historical subject briefly, so the listener could get a taste of the subject.  Then, if they wanted to learn more, they could go to the website and using the resources presented there, learn more.  Read books, websites, and other resources.  I wanted to take what Bob was doing to the next logic step.  Since I started I have published over 100 episodes. The podcast now has about 3.2 million downloads since I started. Most of the topics covered on History Podcast are requests sent via email from listeners. You can email me at historypodcast@gmail.com to make your own request.

About the Blog:

The blog, where you are now reading this, is the place to store all the information from the podcast.  Its a place where you can find resources to further your learning on an of the subjects that we cover on the podcast.  It provides a “home” for the podcast.  And since creating a podcast takes so much more time to do then writing an article for the blog, you will find a lot of history content on this blog/website.  For both the blog and the podcast I hope you the reader will help me by providing useful feedback.  Things or ideas that I can implement on both or either medium.  Thank you for stopping by and reading/listening.

About the Host:

Hi, my name is Jason and this is my website/blog.  I am also the host of History Podcast.  I am an amateur historian. I use this podcast and blog to post what I am researching.  I am not a professional. I will occasionally make mistakes.  Sometimes, there will be guest podcasters, guest script writers or guest bloggers. I started the podcast because of my interest in history and technology. I do not have a history degree or any formal training in history. I learn everything for the podcast episodes and blog articles from books, magazines, journals, and the Internet. From these sources I compiles the information for each episode of History Podcast. If you have questions please email me at historypodcast@gmail.com.


In the interest of full disclosure I want tell you that I do use advertising on this website.  I use Google Adsense, Google Affiliates and am an Amazon Associate.  So, if I am writing about something that is sold on Amazon, I will link to it.  That way if you want to buy whatever it is, I will get a small percentage of that sale.  It costs you no more to purchase from one of the links on this site than it normally would.  Adsense provides the contextual links you see on the right hand side.  I get a very small kick back when someone clicks on one of those.  I am also signed up with Google Affiliates, which lets me show you products from sellers that might interest you.  Right now, I only work with the history channel through Google Affiliates.  I thought that was pretty relevant and I like the products they have there.  If I get free books from publishers and review them, I will let you know that they gave me a book for free, but I will also give you my honest impression of that book.  The main take away here is that while I am trying to make some money from this website to help pay for it, I will not do anything underhanded.  I will not give any product a positive recommendation unless I would buy it myself.  I will give honest reviews, giving positive recommendations only when deserved.