HP066: Kennesaw

HP066: Kennesaw

Hope you all enjoy this podcast that was recorded while I was in Georgia. Let me know what you think by calling the history hotline or emailing me. Thanks!


I’m back. Thank you all for hanging in there while I was away on my business trip. I got back earlier this week. If you are new to the show welcome. You can find more information about this podcast at historypodcast.blogspot.com.

As you just heard I have a very special podcast for ya’ll this week. My good friend Christy from Phsyecology and Podcast for Good was able to meet me while I was on my business trip. We met at the Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park. As you heard in the beginning of the podcast Robert Jones will be giving us the low down on Kennesaw, Gerogia. You may have heard the large booms in the background, they had re-enactors at the park outside the museum during our recording and they were firing cannons. You also heard a bugler from the Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park.

Next I would like to play an interview Christy co-hosted with me while at the Southern Museum of Civil War and Locomotive History, which is also in Kennesaw, Gerogia. And now for our interview of Robert Jones, President of the Kennesaw Historical Society. You may notice that my voice and Christy’s is a lot lower than Robert’s this is just a result of real-life recording. Enjoy the podcast.

Sorry, I don’t have the transcript of our converstaion.

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